Chemical Engineering Car UGM or usually called Chem-E-Car UGM is a car team that active to take part in national and international Chem-E-Car competititon. Chemecar itself is one of creative innovation in the field of engineering / engineering in the use of alternative energy that is the manufacture of car and its driving force comes from a chemical reaction.


Meet Our Team

Alvin Rizani
General Manager
Francesca Patricia P.
Technical Manager
Bening Ardiningtyas D.
Non-Technical Manager


The 2013 Chemecar Brisbane Chem-E-Car Competition

1st Winner Race Competition : Tim Subali V
3rd Winner Race Competition : Tim Anjani II
1st Winner Poster Competition : Tim Anjani II

2nd Indonesian Chem-E-Car Competition 2013

1st Winner Best Performance    : Tim Subali IV
3rd Winner Best Performance    : Tim Anjani I
Favorite Winner                            : Tim Sugriwa III

13th Malaysia Chem-E Car Competition 2018

Ranked 2nd Race Competition   : Tim Flimo
Ranked 6th Race Competition    : Tim Bathara
Ranked 2nd Poster Competition : Tim Flimo

The 7th Indonesia Chem-E-Car Competition

Ranked 2nd Accumulation                         : Tim Sembrani
Ranked 4th Accumulation                          : Tim Gatotkaca
Best Poster Presentation                           : Tim Sembrani


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Inilah pengumuman anggota baru tim Chem-E-Car UGM. Untuk teman-teman yang terpilih, kami ucapkan selamat bergabung dan selamat berjuang bersama di Chem-E-Car UGM. Bring the victory home! Chem-E-Car Juara!!

About US

Reactics Chem-E-Car UGM

Chem-E-Car in Universitas Gadjah Mada was first founded in 2011 as an organization in order to let Universitas Gadjah Mada students, specifically Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering to be able to compete and to pursue their dreams through Chem-E-Car competitions. Since the year it was first founded until now Chem-E-Car Universitas Gadjah Mada has achieved many accomplishments in either national stage and international stage.

Contact Us

Chem-E-Car UGM 

Chemical Engineering Departement Building 
Faculty of Engineering Gadjah Mada University 
Grafika St. 2 Yogyakarta 55284
Telp +62 274 902170, 902171
Fax +62 274 902170, 902172, 555320 
Alvin Rizani (+6287738112537) 
Bening Ardiningtyas Dinasti (+6281326903530)